Bodyrock Dance Studio - DRESS CODE AND BEHAVIOUR
Bodyrock Dance Studio - Fun & Fitness For All!!!


*Bodyrock Uniforms will be available to order in Term.1.  A price list and sample sizes will be provided to try on in class. It is strongly preferred that students wear a bodyrock top with black dance pants or similar to class, but it is not compulsory. 
* Bodyrock Jackets are also available for winter.

Otherwise we ask that students wear plain black dance clothing to class. *Students are to wear non-restrictive clothing (ie: something you might wear to the gym – dance pants, leotard, hotpants, tights, aerobic top, singlet top etc). See a few examples below:


*Please note that students who perform at events throughout the year – such as Newcastle Show, Dreamworld etc will require a Bodyrock top. Please place orders early in Term.1. in case a performance is scheduled early in the year. Please see samples & price lists available in class. 



All jazz students are required to wear soft black leather jazz shoes (below ankle height).  JAZZ JOGGERS are NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! see example below:

*Advanced students may also require chorus shoes (you will be advised if needed). See below:


Soft black leather Jazz shoes or you may wear jazz joggers if you like. 
See below:



Black jazz shoes. See below:

* If you do not do jazz you may purchase plain black canvas shoes for cheerleading instead of actual jazz shoes. See below:

* Sometimes for the end of year concert you may be required to wear white joggers to better match your costume - if this is the case you will be notified. Just a cheap white pair of canvas joggers from Kmart are fine. See below:


Juniors and Pre Teens  
Require soft pink leather ballet shoes - without ribbons. 
See below:

* Teens and seniors 
do not require ballet shoes -  you may also either go barefoot or wear ‘foot thongs’, ‘cats paws’ etc. (available from most dancewear shops). See below:

* We also ask that students bring a bottle of water to class and clearly mark your name on your bottle. You may also wish to bring a sweat towel.


No eating or chewing Gum while class is in progress. 

All students must be dropped off and picked up by a parent or legal guardian At the door.

Parents/friends/siblings are asked to please wait outside the hall. It is too distracting to both students and teachers to have other people inside the hall while classes are on. 

Pay attention when the teacher is talking. If you have a question raise your hand, please do not interrupt. Listen and do your best! Remember, you are here to learn.

Do not invade other dancer’s personal space by touching them.  Be polite and respectful of all Students, Instructors and Staff members at all times. 

Bullying or any type of harassment will NOT be tolerated! Any student who engages in this type of behaviour may be asked to leave the studio.

Do not leave or walk out of the dance studio classroom without asking permission. The teacher needs to know where you are at all times. 
Students are not permitted to wander away from the venue in between classes. If you have a break between classes you must stay within our sight - a good idea is to bring your homework with you or something to keep yourself occupied between classes.

No use foul language, suggestions, or negative behaviour will be tolerated.  This applies both in class as well as when students are performing at outside events ie: Newcastle Show, end of year concert, Dreamworld etc. 
All students and parents please be on your best behaviour and remember that you are representing yourself and your Dance Studio. No gossiping about other dance studios or students will be tolerated.

Students should place their name inside all shoes, dance bags and on drink bottles.

Mobile phones must remain in your dance bag and kept on silent.

Please be kind and considerate of one another. 
We are all here to learn and have fun! :-)

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